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Doctor! Doctor!!


An Ambulance. A Medical Team.

A Farcical Epic, Mid Epidemic.

The Rainbow

Wave Maker


A Vibrant New

Immersive Video Game

The Charlotte Rig




: : Safetycatch Theatre : :
Connecting diverse audiences through

spectacular open heart comedy.

Check out all of Safetycatch Theatre’s Shows. From Doctor! Doctor!! to Watch the Birdie! And brand new for 2020 ~ The Rainbow Wave Maker. An immersive multicolour video game projected from the roof of Bessie the Ambulance.

Find out how Safetycatch Theatre came about, who we are and who we make work for. Our goal is to create interplay for outsiders. What does that mean? Outdoor arts are meant to be for everybody, read more about why we think that actually does mean ~ everybody.

Safetycatch Theatre is a company that prioritises community participation and involvement. We run workshops as part of the process of making and performing our shows, integrating participants into the show.
Safetycatch Theatre is also a proud member of NASA UK (The National Association of Street Artists).

Interested in booking a show, an installation, a walkabout, or workshop? Want to commission us, or collaborate, or just want to find out more about how we go about doing what we do?
Drop us a line in an email. And while you are at it, sign up for our newsletter for the latest occasional updates into the latest fun stuff we have been up to.

Check out our trailer from the

mid epidemic epic ~ Doctor! Doctor!!

“Probably the most relevant show

out there at the moment.”

Fools Paradise