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Safetycatch Theatre is a predominantly street theatre or outdoor arts company, based in Manchester UK. It was founded by Artistic Director Garth Williams in 2009, when he and collaborator Chris Davies started touring MariachoO!
Garth had begun touring for street theatre companies while still at drama school, where one of his tutors, James Macpherson, hired him for a couple of jobs. He went on to tour for Avanti Display as The Spurting Man in 2002 while still a student, even writing the experience into his dissertation in order to be allowed off the first week of term. Garth was training to be an actor, and loved theatre, but touring the street theatre scene, with the privilege of touring with Bill Palmer from Avanti Display was a real eye opener. The Street Theatre or often now called Outdoor Arts scene was electric, fun, imaginative and subversive, with artists from all sorts of backgrounds from live arts to engineering, stand up comedy and dance. He was hooked…

Doctor! Doctor!!


An Ambulance. A Medical Team.

A Farcical Epic, Mid Epidemic.

The Rainbow

Wave Maker


A New Immersive

Video Game