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Safetycatch Theatre is a Manchester (UK) based Outdoor Arts company specialising in Street Theatre. Safetycatch Theatre is on a mission – to connect diverse audiences through spectacular open heart comedy. We believe that laughing together is as good a cure all and collective bonding mechanism as there is. Laughter builds bonds, creates connection, drops boundaries and builds bridges. We aim to integrate unlikely audiences, creating new companionship and forging interplay for outsiders, with an outreach focus on community mental health. 

Safetycatch Theatre is about building connection, between people and themselves, between each other, and in, with and through their communities. If we believe in anything, it is in the astounding power of outdoor arts interactions, events and performances to deeply reach audiences other art forms simply cannot. Outdoor Arts are democratic, by their very nature. They are mostly free at the point of delivery, where audiences vote with their feet. The live nature of the relationship between performer and audience and the hugely dynamic interactions possible in improvised moments are what make it so unique. We aspire to creating interplay between outsiders, specifically trying to reach the parts of an audience other art forms, and other companies might not. We create interplay for outsiders.

It was founded by Artistic Director Garth Williams in 2009, when he and collaborator Chris Davies started touring MariachoO!
Garth had begun touring for street theatre companies while still at drama school, where one of his tutors, James Macpherson, hired him for a couple of jobs. He went on to tour for Avanti Display as The Spurting Man in 2002 while still a student, even writing the experience into his dissertation in order to be allowed off the first week of term.
Garth was training to be an actor, and loved theatre, but touring the street theatre scene with the privilege of touring with the highly experienced Bill Palmer from Avanti Display was a real eye opener. The Outdoor Arts scene was electric, imaginative, fun and subversive, with artists from all sorts of backgrounds from live art to engineering, stand up comedy and dance. He was hooked…

Doctor! Doctor!!


An Ambulance. A Medical Team.

A Farcical Epic, Mid Epidemic.

The Rainbow

Wave Maker


A Vibrant New

Immersive Video Game

The Charlotte Rig




Feedback on Safetycatch Street Theatre & Garth Williams:  

  • “Our Associate Artist Garth Williams is an inspirational figure. An extraordinarily talented artist who combines skills as a writer, physical performer, film maker and digital artist.”
    Steve Hennessey – Artistic Director of Stepping Out Theatre
  • “I assure you that he has shown such a rare quality.”
    Gey Pin Ang, Sourcing Within & Former Jerzy Grotowski Associate
  • “The one thing everyone was talking about!” Julie Tait – Producer, Lakes Alive
  • “The actors navigated the script with talent and ease.” **** G.I.Ronimo 3 Weeks
  • “Garth was an absolute trooper. Everyone was delighted.” Producer – Cartwheel Arts
  • “Thanks for your lovely show! People really enjoyed it.” Producer – Walk the Plank 
  • Great feedback. Well done! 
  • “Probably the most relevant show out there at the moment.”
  • Fools Paradise – Agent for Safetycatch Theatre’s Watch the Birdie!
  • Strong improvisational and clowning skills. He has very strong musical skills. He is adaptable and able to take in his stride the unconventional circumstances thrown up by street theatre.”
    James Macpherson, former tutor & Director of Artizani Street Theatre
  • As well as creating his own work, he is a very experienced and highly skilled performer who is much in demand by other companies as a performer and collaborator, making him a key player in the outdoor arts scene in the North of England… He is tackling challenging material with a clever combination of intellectual rigour and creative flair.” 
    Maggie Clarke, Director of XTRAX and Without Walls
  • ”The depth and variety of training and experience he has as a physical theatre and clown performer has fed into numerous unique and engaging street theatre shows, as collaborator, performer and deviser – equally at home and creatively alive as a solo artist or ensemble member. The quality of this work is all underpinned by a thorough actor training, with a commitment and sure methodology to uncover the truth of character and narrative, combined with a sharp and searching intelligence…  I was always amazed at the scope of ambition, energy, skill and commitment with which he approached the work.”           Benedict Power, independent director (Spring Reign) and former collaborator
  • “Garth Williams is a perfect balance of intermittently emotionally detached and emotionally drained War Photographer Mark.” Spring Reign The Reviews Hub
  • “The most substantial work of those considered here, and a remarkably sustained and intricate achievement.” Ikiru – A Year in the Theatre – Greater Manchester
  • “One of the leading street performers in the north west.”
    Angela Chappell, ACE NW Combined Arts Officer