Doctor! Doctor!! New for 2019

Doctor! Doctor!! is a knock-about, laugh-til-it-hurts 45 minute outdoor comedy for family audiences, rewriting the rulebook on our relationship with Doctors, Nurses, Ambulances, Big Pharma, Free Medicine, and all that’s left of our beloved NHS / MSF. 

Laughter may soon be the best and only free at the point of delivery medicine we have.

Additionally on offer is an optional additional 30 minute pre-show before the full Doctor! Doctor!! show starts with interactive exchanges with the audience, where the three characters assess the growing waiting room of patients, conduct medical experiments, shorten surgical waiting lists by teaching farcical DIY procedures, and attempt to recruit new doctors and nurses from the crowd. 
Wherever possible we will be working with local accessible and inclusive theatre groups to enable and workshop their participation into parts of the show. Contact us for more details on how this works. Vulnerable and disabled audience groups will be the focus of this intimate, relaxed interactive performance model leading to the full show.

Show Outline

S.O.S. Squad – our medical crisis intervention team – open their makeshift clinic to treat members of the public to a demonstration of how (not) to treat themselves DIY style. Flawed Bandaging and CPR demonstrations reveal the flawed dynamics of the team. Our doctor is incompetent, the nurse is doing all the work, the paramedic is a prankster who keeps causing trouble, and the malady detection kit’s alarm keep tripping.

“An Epidemic of gigantic proportions is spreading throughout the land. We are calling it ‘The Malady’. Symptoms are many and varied, it is highly contagious, you are probably already infected. When you see it you will stop it. See it – Stop it. – Stop! – It!
Do not be alarmed. Everything is under control. It’s all going to be alright.

We three are SOS SQUAD, bringing the fight to the frontline. We are probably your final hope… S.O.S!”

Their mobile mini – pharma laboratory may yet come up with the cure. Until then their cure prototypes look remarkably like Water Bombs. The Nurse will now impersonate the Malady. We need your help with a simple scientific experiment. We need to test the delivery mechanism.

The Doctor is beginning to show signs of stress, or is it The Malady? Will they find a cure in time? Will it work? Will the team be able to come to his rescue in time? If the Doctor is the patient, who will operate? The Ambulance might just be able to save the day, with a little help from it’s friends in the waiting room… The audience.

The Doctor is beginning to show signs of stress, or is he suffering from The Malady? Will they find a cure in time? Will it work? Will the team be able to come to his rescue in time? If the Doctor is the patient, who will operate? The Paramedic is on the roof, and the Nurse is under the bonnet. The Ambulance might just be able to save the day, with a little help from it’s friends…

Further info:

The show is fully sign supported (BSL).

The Doctor! Doctor!! Team

  • A Collaboration – Safetycatch Theatre (Garth Williams) with Megan Brooks & Jean Bono – half of the cast of Grime by Ramshacklicious. Trailer:
  • Directed by Spymonkey’s Aitor Bassauri, Bill Palmer from Avanti Display, Jon Beedell from The Desperate Men & Garth Williams.
  • Performed by Garth Williams with Megan Brooks & Jean Bono.
  • Produced by Safetycatch Theatre in association with Stepping Out Theatre, with support from BathFringe and IOU Theatre.
  • Dramaturgy – IOU Theatre’s David Wheeler and Jeremy Shine.
  • Project Mentor – Jeremy Shine, Artistic Director of MIA & SIRF.
  • Set Design – Garth Williams, Ian Broscombe and Nick Sparks.
  • Fabrication – Ian Broscomb, Nick Sparks, Andy Plant, Jean Goubert, Megan Brooks, Garth Williams.
  • Comedy Choreography from Susan Guest of Articulate Elbow.
  • Accessibility Consultation from Tom Hogan of Proud & Loud.
  • Mental Health Accessibility Consultation from Stepping Out Theatre.
  • Residency space to make support comes in the form of IOU Theatre offering an STTA residency withproduction and fabrication support, and dramaturgy, 101 Outdoor Arts for fabrication and technical design, The Desperate Men studio in Bristol for initial rehearsals & Bath Fringe in the final stage of rehearsals at The Invisible Circus, Bristol.
  • Gigs for 2019 include Bath Fringe’s Bedlam Sunday, Eastleigh, Glasgow Surge, 2 days at SIRF in early August followed by The Piece Hall, Spoffin in Amersfoort in mid August, Bournemouth Arts By The Sea festival, and Edge Hill University at the end of October.


Wrap around activities include developing a “Lab Rat” workshop package for mental health and disability theatre groups in consultation with Stepping Out Theatre and Oily Cart. We will pilot these workshops with members of Stepping Out’s service user community drama group. Additionally we will deliver silent clown and devising workshops for students of Edge Hill University and The Circus House youth class here in Manchester. Safetycatch Theatre’s Garth Williams is an associate artist of Stepping Out Theatre (SOT), the country’s leading mental health theatre company, with over 60 successful productions to their credit.

Production Information:

  • 2 x 45 minute shows per day.
  • Cost: £1200 per day. £2100 for 2 days. Both including travel a day prior to arrival.
  • Travel & accommodation is billed in addition / separate. 45p per mile.
  • 150 mins get in. 45 mins total show x 2 with 90 mins minimum reset between shows.We need a 90 mins get out. Van to be left on site unless performing in different area for show 2.
  • Area steward availability required during set up and shows and between shows.
  • Proof of full liability performer & show insurance provided at contract stage.Technical Requirements:
  • 12 x 8 metre performing area + surrounding audience area. 
(Ambulance is 6.8m x 2.3m wide).
  • Van parking – overnight if 60 + miles from Manchester. Min 3 metres height.

For multiple day bookings – a secure area is required for overnight rig storage and or 8 x sections of standard Heras fencing plus feet and connectors.

  • 16 amp power & converter for 13 amp standard plug power bank for batteries / electric set elements, PA and lights.
  • Cable traps for power cables.
  • Extra Lighting & Sound – to be provided if required. Lighting for evening shows only or in a light restricted space.