Doctor! Doctor!!

The satirical slapstick pathological roadshow. An Ambulance. A Medical Team. A Farcical Epic – Mid Epidemic. 

Part DIY Surgery Demo gone wrong, part old-time travelling medicine show.

Introducing SOS Squad –  your new frontline services.

Doctor! Doctor!! Teaser Trailer video: 

100 seconds of medical mayhem…

Doctor! Doctor!! is a knock-about, laugh-til-it-hurts 45 minute outdoor comedy for family audiences, rewriting the rulebook on our relationship with Doctors, Nurses, Ambulances, and Big Pharma, in Sickness & ill Health. The last Doctor, Nurse & Paramedic standing armed with all that’s left of our beloved NHS.

Optional extras:

  1. 2 shows per day or 1 +++. Or make Doctor! Doctor!! the centrepiece of your event, with 1 show + walkabout / interactive pre-show installation. (Walkabout – SOS Squad – the doctor on a gurney, with nurse and paramedic treating and steering in playful improvised interactive nonsensical exchanges with the public, while flyering for the show later that day.)

  2. Processional / parade option. With the Doctor, Nurse and Paramedic in the Ambulance & hanging off the roof stage.

  3. Additional 30 minute pre-show. Interactive installation before the full Doctor! Doctor!! show starts. For max 1 show per day if integrating local groups / workshops or in conjunction with walkabout / pre-show installation.

  4. Workshops with local groups. Workshops with local accessible, inclusive & disability led theatre companies. These local theatre groups then integrate into parts of the show. See our Loop Theatre case study to see how we integrated them into our show, including the finale of the show.

The 2020 Vision for Doctor! Doctor!!

2019 was an incredible year, we aimed ambitiously high and hit our target of making a fantastic show that we are very proud of. In 2020 we want to up our game even more.

  1. A Talking Ambulance. We will make the Ambulance the talking main character of the show, giving her a voice and character and integrating her into the existing script and show. Her name is Vankenstein. She needs a nickname. If you have a suggestion, let us know. An Ambulance electrician we met told us the onboard computer that we hacked gets called Doris, but we don’t think ours is a Doris.

  2. More LED Screen. All the bells & whistles to improve our already high tech Ambulance. We want to add more use of the High Contrast LED screen, making it an interactive expression of the Ambulance (like Holly the onboard computer in Red Dwarf).

  3. Sound Responsive Lighting. We will make the Ambulance lighting system responsive. It can already flash patterns including SOS, breathing and heartbeat. We want to make this able to respond to music and the Ambulance voice.

  4. Remote Triggers. We will add remote triggers to be able to set off the effects from a distance (rather than using the sneaky footswitch system we used this year).

  5. Make Doctor! Doctor!! the Centrepiece of your event. We want to offer the optional extras listed above, making Doctor! Doctor!! the centrepiece of your event with a walkabout, parade & preshow option.

  6. Connecting with your local accessible Theatre Groups. If your event doesn’t have any connections with local disability led and inclusive or accessible theatre companies, we want to help you build that connection. We can offer workshops, and integrate groups into our performance.

  7. Reworking the show. We will dissect and rebuild the show, integrating the Ambulance character, with a couple of weeks of rehearsals to pin down and add all the new possibilities that emerged from a summer of touring the show and 26 knock out performances.

Sign Language Supported (BSL). The show is fully sign supported (BSL) by our Nurse character. We want to target more Deaf audiences specifically, through targeted video, social media and community networks in advance of the show. We had brilliant feedback on this aspect of the show, which is integrated into the character of our heroic Nurse.


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Production Credits:

  • Directed by Aitor Bassauri (Spymonkey), Bill Palmer (Avanti Display), Jon Beedell (The Desperate Men), with Garth Williams.

  • Performed by Megan Brooks, Jean Goubert & Garth Williams.

  • Devised by the company based on an original concept & materials by Garth Williams.

  • R&D performers – Tamsin Middleton, Chris Murray & Joanne Tremarco.

  • Dance Number Choreography by Susan Guest.

  • Dramaturgy: David Wheeler (IOU Theatre) & Jeremy Shine (SIRF).

  • Produced by Garth Williams & Safetycatch Street Theatre, in association with Stepping Out Theatre, SIRF, Bath Fringe, 101 Outdoor Arts + IOU Theatre.

  • Project Management & Marketing by Garth Williams.

  • Production & Set Design – Garth Williams, Ian Broscomb, Nick Sparks & Jean Goubert.

  • Roof stage, handrail, & van adaptations designed & made by Ian Broscomb, with additional design & fabrication by Andy Plant & Jean Goubert.

  • Adjustments & additional set & costume fabrication by Garth Williams, Tamsin Middleton & Megan Brooks.

  • LED Screen, software & Ambulance lighting system designed & made by Nick Sparks.

  • Technical advisors – Dan Powers, Technical Manager IOU Theatre, & Bart Stewart – Lighting Designer & Technician, Royal Exchange Theatre.

  • Pyrotechnic support & production advice – Jack Stoddart.

  • Video shot by Michael Sides & Edited by Garth Williams @safetycatch3D.


Photos by Sarah Dunwood from The Piece Hall on August 4th 2019.