Watch the Birdie!

The vintage Paper Moon Photo Booth. Picture perfect portrait prints in minutes. Recreating the magical Luna Parks photo booths of the early 20th Century, complete with a highly experienced old fashioned Photographer, a 1908 Large Format Camera, and an alchemical mini dark room. How will your picture turn out?

Installation duration: 4 hours in 2 x 2 hour blocks. Approximately 20 per hour. Is performed to also entertain others. Permission forms required where parents aren’t also in the photo.

Available also for VIP dinners and events, as a fundraiser and for indoor or outdoor events. Options include photos being taken first and printed after, and left on a drying line for people to collect after.

Available also as Elf Portraits – the Santa’s Grotto of Photo Booths operated by a Giant Elf. Also as Smile! – the Joker’s photo booth.

Performed by Garth Williams, who uses a combination of silent clown technique with his 3 + years of experience of working in a portrait studio as a photographer.

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Available also through outdoor events agents Fools Paradise.